Drop In - Holy City CrossFit
Holy City CrossFit in downtown Charleston, SC welcomes Drop-Ins to any of our regularly scheduled class times!

Charleston, SC is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Holy City CrossFit is located in the heart of downtown and is within walking distance of many hotels, B&B's, restaurants, and other area attractions.

Whether you're here for business or pleasure, we love meeting new people and welcome you to come drop-in with our community as your CrossFit home away from home. 

Holy City CrossFit drop in passes can be purchased below. We have multiple drop in options depending on how long you're staying. Preregistration for the class you would like to attend is strongly encouraged. All passes are for a single individual and cannot be used by multiple people. 

One Class


1Class + T-Shirt


Two Classes


2 Classes + T-Shirt


1 Week


1 Week + T-Shirt


Holy City CrossFit Drop In Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register ahead of time? 

Where can I park? 

Do you have awesome Holy City CrossFit shirts? 

Do you have showers? 

Where in the heck are you?

I’ve never done CrossFit before, but I’m on vacation and I want to try! Can I come to class? 

I just started CrossFit back home and want to keep it up while I’m gone. Can I drop in?

I’ve heard Charleston floods. Do you?

Can I drop in to Boot Camp class, too?