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Find your Food Freedom With The Best Nutrition Program in Charleston.


Get the Best Nutrition Program in Charleston!

Holy City Crossfit Wants You To Fuel your Body

There's a ton of information and advice out there on nutrition, and that means it's hard to know what you need to do to be your healthiest self. At Holy City Crossfit, we provide you with the best nutrition program in Charleston!

First, our nutrition philosophy is simple: If your body were a car, food is your gas. Without gas, or with bad gas, your car will break down. So will your body. Give your body the fuel it needs, without putting harmful things in the tank, and it will run better. 

Second, we believe that good habits make for good health. Just like showing up in the gym forms a habit, showing yourself that you can make decisions around your food can build good habits. Our nutrition program will show you how to take charge of your habits, and change them for the better. 

Our nutrition program will provide you with the tools you need to make lasting change that makes you feel great!

What to Expect From the Best

Nutrition Program in Charleston

Initial Consult and Health Assessment

You’ll meet with your Nutrition Coach 1-on-1 to receive your individualized plan. We’ll review all things nutrition to get you off to a confident start!

Customized Meal Plans

Our meal plan database learns your preferences, and modifies for you based on them. No more choking down things you don’t enjoy!

Nutrition Handbook

Our e-book was created with you in mind. With detailed information on all things nutrition, it will provide you with all the knowledge and tools to be successful both during the program and beyond.

Body Composition Testing

You can’t know how far you’ve come unless you know where you started! We’ll gather some baseline numbers at your initial consult meeting.

Exclusive App

Access your meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists anytime, anywhere. You can even communicate directly with your Nutrition Coach, right from the app.

Check-Ins & Goal Setting

Accountability is everything, and we’re here to help you succeed. With regular check-ins and goal setting sessions, you’re sure to stay on track! 

Nutrition Kickstart

4-week program 



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    Initial Consult and Health Assessment​​​​​
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    Before & After Body Composition Testing
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    Complete Nutrition Guide e-Book
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    4-Week Customized Meal Plan
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    Shopping Lists
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    Exclusive Nutrition App
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    Midpoint Virtual Check-In
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    Follow-Up Accountability and Goal Setting Session

Why Is Ours The Best Nutrition Program In Charleston?

Holy City Crossfit has partnered with Charleston-based nutritionist Jamie Johnson, RDN to create the best nutrition program in Charleston. As a registered dietician and certified health coach, Jamie can help you create an individual plan based on your needs!

With a program that is tailored to your specific needs and goals, and with meal plans that learn about your food preferences, its easy to see how we are the best nutrition program to help you make lasting changes. 

The Holy City Crossfit approach may also help participants control conditions such as prediabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

Improve Your Health And Save Money!

The best nutrition program in Charleston can actually save you money!
The costs associated with many of these medical conditions can help can be drastically reduced with a proper diet.

Please be sure to always consult your medical provider before starting a new diet.