What Is CrossFit? - Holy City CrossFit

CrossFit is Constantly Varied, High Intensity,  Functional Movement.

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"The needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind."  - Greg Glassman, Founder of CrossFit


What is CrossFit?

Simply put, it’s exercise that focuses on the movements you use every day. It's fitness that makes sense. These are the ways your body was meant to move: pushing, pulling, sitting, standing, jumping, running. 

CrossFit can use confusing terminology at times, but at its core, it’s very basic. We practice moving better inside the gym so we can move better in our everyday lives. 

That might be a sport you play, a weakness you’re trying to improve, or just wanting to be able to move better for things like yard work and playing with your kids or grandkids. 

Regardless of your reason for wanting to move better, or move more, we can help. All the movements we do at Holy City CrossFit can be adjusted appropriately to your current fitness level. You do not need to "be in shape" to do CrossFit. Rather, CrossFit exists to help you get in shape and get more out of your everyday life. 

Contact us today for your free intro and to get started on your journey to a healthier you! 


You’ll find yourself  doing everyday tasks - lifting groceries, moving furniture - and realizing that just the other day, you were doing exactly the same movement at Holy City CrossFit.

Strengthen not only your body, but your mental awareness of how your body moves and functions by practicing the movements you need every day.