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Where your friends welcome you with open arms, regardless of shape, size, or physical ability. Where you look forward to spending the best hour of your day

At Holy City CrossFit, we're all on the same team.Your goals are our goals. We support you in everything you do, inside and outside the gym. At HCCF, you're family.

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I’ve been a member of Holy City Crossfit for 2 years now, and I love it! I was in a serious, life-threatening motorcycle accident in August 2017.  It was a long road to recovery. With help from the amazing coaches at Holy City CrossFit, I am now able to do everything I did before my accident and more. This box is amazing. 

– Doug Tronzo, Member

The Holy City CrossFit Location

Like all the best-kept secrets in town, we can be tough to find!

Holy City CrossFit is located in the heart of downtown Charleston, and we’re the lowcountry's longest continuously running CrossFit box!

We are on Society Street, next to Muse restaurant. Turn down the alley (pictured above) and walk all the way to the back – we are in the brick building up the ramp.

Whether you’ve lived in Charleston for years and are ready to make a change, or you’re a CrossFit fan visiting our fair city for the weekend, we can't wait to welcome you!

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