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The Kettlebell Swing

By Sarah MacDonald | CrossFit , Training

The kettlebell swing (or any kettlebell movement) is perfect when you need to get a quick and effective workout in. If it’s good enough for the Russians, it’s good enough for me! Most kettlebell movements are compound (using more than one muscle at a time) therefore helping with OVERALL fitness, not just a small area. […]

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The Front Squat

By Ryne Taylor | CrossFit , Training

The Front Squat builds lower body strength, engages the core (both the abs and the back), and transfers strength gains to Olympic lifts, like the clean. It is executed exactly like an air squat while maintaining a load in the front rack position. First, start by sending your hips down and back until the crease […]

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Dumbbell RDL: How-to and Why It’s Important

By Brooke Albea | CrossFit , Training , Uncategorized

Purpose: The dumbbell RDL (Romanian Deadlift) is an excellent accessory movement that focuses on the muscles responsible for knee and hip extension from the posterior. Performing the dumbbell RDL will strengthen the posterior chain muscles, including the hamstrings, adductors, erector spinae, and the gluteus maximus. A strong posterior chain is essential for preventing injuries as […]

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What is The Level Method?

By Jessica | CrossFit , Training

Have you ever stumbled upon something that you weren’t actually looking for, and realized you’ve struck gold? That’s how we felt here at Holy City when we found The Level Method. What is The Level Method? The Level Method is a way to assess your current fitness level, and then customize your workouts to meet […]

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The Split Jerk

By Joe Jacobs | CrossFit , Training

The split jerk is an overhead movement designed to move the heaviest loads in the shoulder to overhead family. It is a fast, powerful movement that tests the most accomplished lifter in their balance, coordination, and core stability. An added layer to the split jerk is the inclusion of necessary footwork that is absent in […]

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