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When Failing is Winning

By Ryne Taylor | Goal Setting

Most of us avoid mistakes and failures at all costs.  We want to do everything right. It’s not natural to enjoy doing something that you are not good at. We want to be validated and affirmed in our skills, intellect and creativity.  But could those mistakes actually be good for you? What if failing is necessary […]

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travel suitcase

Travel WODs

By Jessica | CrossFit , Training

While we’d always prefer you make it in to Holy City for a workout, we realize life happens, and that isn’t always the case.  Sometimes you’re traveling and only have access to a hotel gym. Other times your day just gets away from you and you can’t make a class time. Don’t let those be […]

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The Story on Sugar

By Jamie Johnson, RD | Nutrition

Let’s talk about sugar, in all its forms, and how it affects the body. You might be saying to yourself, “well, I don’t eat a lot of sweets, so that doesn’t apply to me.” Keep reading.Sugar exists naturally in many foods.  By itself, it contains no nutrients, no protein, no healthy fats, and no enzymes–just […]

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